NAMA 2019 National Conference

The National Association of Managing Agents announces the hosting of their 5th biennial conference.

The conference will be hosted in the vibrant city of Port Elisabeth from 19 to 20 September 2019 at the Boardwalk Hotel, PE.

Community Schemes ownership is by far the preferred form of home ownership in South Africa and the way community schemes are governed and regulated has changed significantly in the past years. With the establishment of the Community Schemes Ombud Service, there is a dire need for proper training and engagement,  and NAMA again aims to host this event by presenting training sessions to managing agents, trustees and owners within a community scheme.

Before NAMA, Managing Agents had no common voice, nor could they make representations to the authorities on any aspect, or claim legitimacy, concerning their industry.

Part of NAMA’s focus is the development and presentation of a core professional training programme for Managing Agents and candidate Managing Agents, as well as producing education material, and opportunities for members, associate members and trustees.

NAMA participates as a Stakeholder in all sectors within the property industry and engages with Government and Regulatory Bodies on legislation, accreditation and regulation. These stakeholders include the EAAB,  CSOS, SAPOA, ARC, IEASA and the Property Sector Charter Council.

The event highlights the various role-players which include not only managing agent companies but service providers to the industry [Attorneys, Insurance, Maintenance]

The event hosts various sponsors and this year NAMA is proud to announce that m Nedbank, King Price Insurance and ST Solutions have entered as major contributors making the event the only one of its kind within the property management sector.

Attending this prestigious event that will also host its first-ever Gala Awards Ceremony is a must for any person who owns, lives or in any other form is involved in sectional title.

The conference programme includes a Keynote Speaker, Sarah Hoffman who will address the audience on Social media aspects and legal dilemmas

For more information please contact NAMA:

Telephone Number: 012 543 0693



NAMA 2019 National Conference
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NAMA 2019 National Conference
The National Association of Managing Agents (NAMA) announces the hosting of their 5th biennial conference that will be hosted in PE.
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Coenie Groenewald

Coenie Groenewald entered the property industry in 1995 as a property broker. During 1997, he was awarded the opportunity to join the property management industry. After a career of 18 years actively managing community schemes, he joined NAMA as Chief Operating Officer. This opportunity allowed him to engage with the industry on various other levels and promote the property management sector on behalf of NAMA members by serving on several Stakeholder platforms such as the Estate Agency Affairs Board. Being a Board Member of the Property Sector Charter Council allowed him to secure a platform to engage on transforming the industry. Being actively engaged in the community scheme management industry, Coenie promoted participation alongside the NAMA board to be a key role player in the establishment of a representative body of the CSOS and government, especially the Department of Human Settlements. The need to educate the industry and to ensure that property managers become professionals made Coenie engage with international counterparts and stakeholders on the process for developing a recognised and accredited career path. This was the opportunity everyone waited for, and with his assistance and drive, the NAMA and Enterprises University of Pretoria, Introduction Course into Sectional Title Management was launched.

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