Home Finance through Green Door Home Loans

Green Door Home Loans specialises in mortgage bond origination

We make the effort to:

  • understand the unique needs of each customer and
  • obtain the best possible home loan
  • in the shortest time
  • with the least hassles

Who will you trust with your home loan application? 

While buying a house can be an exciting adventure, it can also be an extremely stressful process filled with anxiety and uncertainty.

This is why we invite you to step through the Green Door to experience our personal and professional service.

At Green Door, everybody has banking experience and truly understand the market. That’s why we can give you exactly what you need. We also offer you the peace of mind that we can pursue a range of choices on your behalf. We will find you a solution that fits your requirements.

Green Door offers customers a one-stop service that caters for all your property and financing needs.

The home loan application services that we provide are at no cost to you.

We are paid a fee by the bank for the services that we have provided in regard to your home loan. The interest rate that your home loan qualifies for is not affected by the fee paid to us.

BENEFITS when applying through us:

  • We will pay you a cashback of up to 0.2% of the loan amount within 10 days of registration (including VAT).
  • You will receive up to 50% discount on the attorney bond fee from accredited panel attorney firms. (Only applicable where our bond attorneys are allocated successfully at the bank) Ts and Cs apply.
  • Kindly note, that in order to qualify for the above-mentioned benefits, your home loan application needs to be facilitated exclusively through Green Door Home Loans. The banks do not facilitate any applications via dual channels.
  • For example: A home loan application for R1000 000 will pay out a cashback of R2 000 VAT Incl.
  • Discount at our bond attorney +/- R9 015

Total benefit in R-value R11 015.

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