The type of flooring you choose adds value to your property

Whether you’ve just bought a new house or you’re planning to sell, home renovation projects add value to your property. Flooring is an important consideration as it contributes to both the aesthetics and comfort of your home. The type of flooring you choose will depend on your budget as well as the function of the room you are renovating.

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Hardwood floors

Hardwood flooring is a beautiful addition to your home and is well-suited to your lounge and hallways. This type of flooring creates a warm and welcoming ambience in your home and its durability makes it an excellent investment. Another advantage of hardwood flooring is that it can be refinished.

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Hardwood can easily be damaged by water, which means it’s not suitable for bathrooms. Maintenance is required to ensure that your hardwood floors are kept in good condition. Depending on the type of wood you choose, hardwood flooring can be a more expensive option.

Laminated floors

Laminate flooring is well-suited to living areas and playrooms. It is also a good choice for kitchen flooring. The advantages of laminate are that it’s durable and resistant to wear and tear.

Aesthetically, it can replicate the look of other types of flooring, such as wood and ceramic tiles. If you plan to install your new flooring yourself, laminate is advantageous because it’s easier to install than other options and it can be placed over certain types of existing floors.

The disadvantage of laminate is that it’s hard and it gives the room an artificial aesthetic. Another con of installing this type of flooring is that it can become slippery when it’s wet. It’s not possible to refinish laminate flooring.

Tile flooring

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Ceramic tile flooring offers you plenty of variety, which means you can get creative when you’re renovating your home. The range of colours and styles makes it easy to match your flooring to the aesthetic of your home.

If you opt for glazed ceramic tiles, it’s beneficial since they’re robust and unaffected by moisture. While ceramic tiles are resistant to stains as well as scratch, they’re not the first option for some people because they are considered less comfortable to walk on than carpets.

While lower comfort levels mean that tiles may not be ideal for lounges and bedrooms, their durability makes them perfect for bathroom and kitchen flooring.

Bamboo flooring

When it comes to home renovation, bamboo flooring contributes to a warm aesthetic in your home. It’s advisable to buy good quality bamboo if you want your flooring to last. As bamboo is considered a renewable resource, it’s one of the more environmentally friendly options.

However, bamboo is imported from Asia which means that the shipping of this material has a negative impact on its credibility for people who are looking for eco-friendly options.

Bamboo flooring is also susceptible to wear and tear which can result in scratches. Bamboo is best suited to lounges and family rooms.

Linoleum flooring

Linoleum offers you a resilient flooring option which is available in a range of colours. It’s produced from bio gradable materials without toxic VOC by-products.

A negative attribute of linoleum is that it is prone to discolouration if it’s installed in a room that gets a lot of sun. It can also be damaged by the weight of furniture legs and moisture. Linoleum flooring is ideal for playrooms and family rooms.


The versatility and comfort of carpets make this flooring a popular option for home renovation. With a range of colours to choose from, you can select carpeting that complements the aesthetic of your home.

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Carpeting comes in different levels of quality, with an increased density of fibres equating to better durability. Wool carpeting is a common variety as it’s robust and moisture resistant. Another common carpeting option is synthetic fibres, which includes nylon and acrylic. Carpets are ideal for bedrooms and lounges, especially during the cold winter months.

Now that you know more about flooring, you can make informed decisions for each room during the home renovation process.

Not only will the flooring enhance the functionality of your home, it will also help to create a welcoming ambience.

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The type of flooring you choose adds value to your property
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The type of flooring you choose adds value to your property
Discover the type of flooring options that will contribute to both the aesthetics and comfort of your home. Find out now!
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