Tips on how to protect your home against theft

Although crime is not something we want to think about, safeguarding your home against it is a must. Whether you’re at home, at work or on vacation, there are various things you can do to make your home a safer place. In this article, we’ll discuss some tips on how you can protect your home from both the outside and inside.

Keep you home safe from theft with these tips | GotProperty
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How to protect your home from the outside: 

  1. You can start by walking around your property and looking for any weaknesses that someone could take advantage of. If you can see any valuables through the window when you’re standing in the street, you might want to consider moving things around to make those items less visible. 
  2. Keep the trees and shrubbery around your house trimmed. With this, you will eliminate hiding and climbing spots. You may even want to plant thorny shrubs to make things more difficult. 
  3. Pack away any expensive items and keep your yard free of toys, tools, and ladders. Leaving things around the house just makes them irresistible for criminals and might end up stolen. 
  4. Put up curtains or blinds on garage windows. Even though there are other methods you can use to cover up your garage windows, the goal is to keep people from seeing what’s inside. 
  5. Install motion sensor lighting around your house. This will not only enable you to see better, but it will also detect any other movement around your house. 
  6. Get to know your neighbours. Neighbours who are close look out for each other, which will give you more peace of mind.
  7. Invest in an alarm, armed response, and a neighbourhood watch programme. This will help with your insurance premium and to protect your home. 
  8. Keep all doors and gates locked. This seems like something obvious to say, but you need to ensure that you keep everything locked for your own safety. Make sure you double-check everything when you leave the house and before you go to bed.
  9. Keep your vehicle secure. The best option would be to keep it locked in a garage, but not everyone has that luxury, so make sure that you lock your car’s doors and keep it out of sight as much as possible.

How to protect your home from the inside: 

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  1. Don’t leave windows and doors open unnecessarily.
  2. If possible, change the locks when moving into a new place. 
  3. Secure your valuables in a safe or lockbox. 
  4. Don’t label your keys or hide spare keys outside. 
  5. Consider buying a home security system.
  6. Most windows and doors already have burglar bars, but it can’t do any harm to upgrade your home security. Investing in stronger burglar bars or better safety gates and locks is always a good idea. 
Learn how to keep your home safe from theft | GotProperty
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Now that you know how to protect your home, you can start with these projects and make your home a safer place. Are you looking for a new home? Visit GotProperty today!

Tips on how to protect your home against theft | GotProperty
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Tips on how to protect your home against theft | GotProperty
Although crime is not something we want to think about, knowing how to protect your home from theft is a must and we are here to help.
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