Consider these swimming pool designs if you want to build one

Thinking of adding a pool to your new home? With so many swimming pool designs to choose from, deciding on the right design can seem overwhelming. We’ve compiled a list of eight outdoor swimming pool designs to inspire you.

Building materials, pool prices, and the scenery surrounding your home will impact your decision. Look at the different types of pool designs and decide which one will fit your garden’s aesthetic the best. Or find a new home that already has the pool you want on GotProperty.

A stunning infinity swimming pool design

Infinity swimming pool design | GotProperty
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If you’re lucky enough to have spectacular scenery surrounding your home, make the most of it with an infinity pool. These pools typically have a rectangular design with a beautiful infinity edge to create a distinctive effect.

The design tricks the viewer into thinking that the water flows over the edge while it’s really captured by a concealed trough to be reused in the pool. Pool installation costs for this shape are typically higher than the price of regular variations.

Elegant Grecian and Roman pools

Grecian and Roman swimming pool designs have a rectangular shape as their base, however, creative additions set this design apart. Grecian variations feature cut edges while Roman pools boast rounded corners. This outdoor swimming pool is the perfect addition to a Tuscan home.

Soft kidney-shaped pools

Depending on the architecture of your house, you may want to opt for a pool with a kidney shape. These swimming pool designs feature gentle lines that give them a retro style. A textured finish adds interest to the unique design of these pools. Glass tiles can also be used to make kidney pools stand out.

Natural freeform pools

Freeform pools take on the shape of their surroundings to create a natural effect that blends into the scenery. This outdoor swimming pool design is perfect for areas that have an irregular shape. If you’re going for a natural look on your property, this is the right pool for you. Likewise, this design complements houses with a rustic style.

Customised pools

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Are you looking for something different? Then opt for a customised swimming pool design. These pools feature a unique design that is developed to meet the requirements of your property as well as your personal preferences. Their exclusive style incorporates elements from the scenery surrounding it. If you opt for a customised pool, you can get exactly what you want.

Bold geometric pools

Houses with a modern design will benefit from a geometric swimming pool design. These pools have a distinctive shape and they incorporate exclusive design elements such as fountains and overflows. If exclusivity is what you’re looking for, this is the right pool for you.

A key feature of geometric pools is the incorporation of shapes such as squares and triangles. This design is well suited to deserts and outdoor areas where there is sparse vegetation. Bright tiles add a creative finish to the geometric design.

Fascinating perimeter-overflow pools

This stunning swimming pool design creates the illusion of a flat surface when the pool is looked at from a distance. Water flows over all the edges of the pool and it’s captured in a trough to be reused in the pool’s system. You can include perimeter overflows into the design of your pool for a captivating effect.

Traditional rectangular pools

A traditional pool is the perfect addition to an elegant house that has a classic design. The simple shape of this pool complements the design of your house and doesn’t distract visitors from its beautiful architecture.

Rectangular swimming pool design | GotProperty
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A traditional swimming pool design is a timeless addition to your home. These pools are the perfect place to cool down in the hot summer months. If you install a lap pool, you can even use it for exercise. These pools add an attractive element to your property while performing a functional purpose.

When it comes to pool installation costs, you can build a traditional pool for an affordable price.

Now that you know more about the different swimming pool designs that are available, you can pick the shape that best matches your property. If you do not have a property yet, no need to worry. You can find a variety of great properties at GotProperty.

Consider these swimming pool designs if you want to build one
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Consider these swimming pool designs if you want to build one
With so many swimming pool designs to choose from, we have made deciding easier for you by compiling a list of eight designs to inspire you.
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