The pros and cons of a single-storey house and a double-storey house

Are you deciding between a single-storey house or double-storey house? There are numerous factors to consider when you’re trying to determine which option is better. Your decision will have an impact on the style of your home as well as the convenience of maintenance work. It can also affect your utility bills. Whether you’re looking for a double or single-storey house, you can find your dream home for sale on GotProperty.

Factors to consider

The stage of life you’re in will impact whether you opt for a single-storey house or double-storey house. Young families may want to opt for a home with two levels so that there’s room to expand. Older couples may want to invest in a more compact home that is easier to maintain and move around in.

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The needs of your family are one of the main factors you must consider when you’re making your decision. Make a list of your priorities to guide your decision when you’re investing in a home. Your personal preferences will also impact the choice that you make.

Single-storey house pros

If quick-and-easy maintenance is what you’re after, a single-storey house might be the best choice for you. Everything’s on the same level so there’s no need to navigate a flight of stairs when you’re cleaning or fixing your home. When it comes to painting or maintaining the exterior of your home, there’s no need for scaffolding if you’re working on a single-storey building. Your decision will also depend on the needs of your family. If you have elderly parents or very young family members, a single-storey house is the safer option.

Single-storey house cons

While there are plenty of advantages to owning a single-storey house, there are also downsides. You can expect these properties to come with a higher price tag as they take up more land and use more building materials. As these homes take up more space, additional roofing materials are required, and a larger foundation is necessary.

Check the resale value of the homes in the location that you’re planning to buy in. In some cases, a single-storey house has a lower resale value as double-storey variations are sought after by families. Another downside is that having a house with a single level offers you less privacy than double-storey homes do.

Double-storey house pros

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A second-storey adds elegance to your property, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. If you have a large family, a double-storey house can help to create a sense of privacy between family members. You’ll have the option of creating a separate play area for your children so that they can enjoy themselves while you entertain guests in a quieter area downstairs.

With the high rate of crime in South Africa, many families choose to sleep upstairs for increased safety. The second level of your home is less accessible to opportunistic criminals than the ground floor is. A bonus of living in a double-storey house is that you can find properties for sale with great views.

The elevated height makes it possible to sit on your balcony and enjoy the scenery around you. This is particularly true for beachside properties with sea views. Building upwards ensures the optimal use of land so you can enjoy a larger outdoor space. A big garden means that there’s plenty of room for your pets and kids to enjoy themselves outdoors.

Double-storey house cons

Living in a double-storey home can cause a spike in your utility bills. If you use heating or air-conditioning, it can be costlier to maintain a pleasant temperature in your home if it has two levels. Poorly designed double-storey houses can also result in an increase in noise levels. Bad acoustics mean you could be left cringing as you hear every movement of the person in the room above you.

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With plenty of great deals to be found on GotProperty, you’ll have plenty of single and double-storey houses to choose from. Whatever you decide, the safety and comfort of your loved ones is a priority.

The pros and cons of a single-storey house and a double-storey house
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The pros and cons of a single-storey house and a double-storey house
Are you deciding between a single-storey house or double-storey house? There are numerous factors to consider before making your choice.
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