Looking for rental property? Here are our helpful tips!

Are you looking into getting a rental property? You don’t want to lose your dream space to another tenant because you haven’t completed the application properly. When dealing with an estate agent, making a good first impression and having good references go a long way towards becoming a tenant of the perfect home. Read our tips on renting a property through an estate agent to increase your chances of making a successful application.

Inspect the property

Before applying for a rental property, make sure that you inspect it to check that it’s in good condition and that it meets your requirements. The location of the property and its proximity to amenities are all important aspects to consider when you’re thinking about renting a property. Safety is another important concern. After you’ve viewed the property, you can submit a rental application.

Property Inspection

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Filling in rental applications

Make sure that you fill in the rental applications clearly and provide all the necessary information. Don’t forget to attach the supporting documents to your application. Proper preparation improves the efficiency of the process and makes a good impression on the rental estate agents you’re dealing with. It’s important to complete the form properly without leaving any gaps since incomplete forms can result in losing the property to another applicant who is better organised than you are.
Details you can expect to be asked to provide include your personal information as well as details about your current landlord. You’ll also be asked to provide information about your employer and your next of kin. Fill in the application honestly and be clear about any expectations you have. If you want to keep a pet on the property or stay with a roommate, it’s advisable to be upfront right from the start.

Give references

It’s likely that you’ll be asked for references before you’re able to secure a rental property. Make sure that you contact your potential references first to find out if they’re happy to receive a call from the estate agent. If they’re expecting the call, it’s more likely that the process will go smoothly.

Make a good impression

Make sure that you’re on time when you go to view the rental property and that you don’t keep the estate agent waiting when you have a meeting scheduled. Make sure that you look neat and tidy when you meet the estate agent as your personal hygiene is an indication of how well you’ll take care of the house. A polite and friendly attitude helps to form a good relationship with the people that you’re renting a property from. Be respectful of the property as well as the estate agent. Even if your application for the home you’re viewing is unsuccessful, it’s helpful to establish good relationships with rental estate agents. Ask the estate agents any questions that you have about the property. Asking questions shows your interest in the house and it helps to set clear expectations right from the start.

Renting property

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Follow up

Once you’ve submitted rental applications, follow up with the estate agent if you don’t hear back from them in a few days. Make sure they know that you’re interested in the rental property and that you can make any additional documents and references available to them. If they’re trying to decide between your application and another candidate, a friendly message can help them to make up their mind.

Unsuccessful rental applications

If your application is unsuccessful, you can contact the rental estate agents you applied through to find out what went wrong. If you understand what mistakes you made, you can learn from them so that you don’t make the same mistakes again. Make sure that you handle rejected applications politely as your reaction will influence your applications in the future.


Make sure your finances are in order and that you have money available to pay the first month’s rent as well as the deposit. Paying fees without any delays will help to establish a good relationship with your landlord and estate agent.

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Now that you know more about applying for a rental property through an estate agent, you can find a range of houses and flats on GotProperty.

Looking for rental property? Here are our helpful tips! | Got Property Blog
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Looking for rental property? Here are our helpful tips! | Got Property Blog
Are you looking into getting a rental property? Here are our tips on renting a property to increase your chances of making a successful application.
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