Remove stains from different kinds of carpets

Remove the stains from your carpets and give your home a fresh new look. From spilt coffee or wine to muddy paw prints, there is a wide range of different types of stains to take care of with products from around your house. The type of carpets, as well as the stain, will determine which cleaning products you should use. Make sure your house looks its best before you put it on the market. Create a free listing on GotProperty and connect to buyers across South Africa today.

DIY cleaning solutions

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Start by determining whether your carpet is made from synthetic or natural fibres. Next, you can make cleaning solutions from products that are already in your home. Put the cleaning solution onto a white cloth rather than applying it directly to the carpet. Cleaning solutions can be made from dishwashing detergent, vinegar or an oil solvent.

How to remove stains

Avoid scrubbing the carpet as this can damage the fibres. Before using a cleaning solution on your carpet, check with the manufacturer that it won’t cause any damage. It’s also advisable to test the solution on a small section of carpet that isn’t easily visible. Different approaches are required depending on the type of carpet.

Synthetic fibre carpets

You can use your DIY solution to remove a wide range of stains, including tomato sauce, chocolate, juice, and coffee. Wet a white cloth with the cleaning solution and dab it onto the stain. Next, you should hold the cloth onto the stain for a few seconds. Wait for 15 minutes and then clean up any additional liquid using a clean white cloth. If you use a vinegar solution, you can follow the same process but finish it off by cleaning the area with a wet cloth. If the stain is still visible, you can repeat this process until it disappears completely.

Natural fibre carpets

Use your DIY solution to remove beer and coffee stains on carpets made from natural fibres. Spray the stain with your cleaning solution and then dry it with a white cloth. You can repeat these steps to make sure that the stain is removed completely. For tougher stains, you can use an ammonia solution and then blot it before continuing with the same process. Avoid using ammonia on wool or wool-blend carpets.

How to remove pet stains

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While your pets are loved members of your family, cleaning up after them can be tough. Not only do these types of stains detract from the aesthetics of your home, but they can also have a bad odour. Start by cleaning up your pet’s mess and disposing of it. If the area is wet, blot it to remove any excess liquid. Apply your cleaning product with a cloth and leave it to soak. Use a dry cloth to blot up the liquid before allowing it to dry. White vinegar mixed with water helps to remove the odour from your carpets.

Maintenance for carpets

While removing stains is essential, proper carpet maintenance also helps to keep your home looking and smelling fresh. Clean your carpets once a year to ensure that they stay in good condition. You can use professional carpet services, or you can clean your carpets yourself. If you decide to clean your carpets yourself, make sure that the equipment you use is powerful enough to allow the carpet to dry quickly.

The carpet should be dry in 6 to 12 hours otherwise it could suffer from damage. If it’s wet for more than 24 hours, mildew or bacteria may start to grow. Fans or a dehumidifier can be used to speed up the process. Check with your manufacturer for suitable cleaning products and make sure that all the detergent is removed once you’ve finished cleaning.

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Now that you know how to remove stains from carpets, you can make your home more appealing to potential buyers. Place your free ad on GotProperty today.

Remove stains from different kinds of carpets
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Remove stains from different kinds of carpets
Remove carpet stains with different products from around your house and give your home a fresh new look.
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