What you should and should not do as a real estate agent

The real estate industry provides you with an excellent opportunity to make money. While you’ll need a licence to work as an estate agent, there is a lot more that goes into succeeding in this industry.

Selling property requires an in-depth understanding of what your clients require from you. From knowledge of the industry to excellent interpersonal capabilities, homeowners have a diverse range of criteria for selecting estate agents.

When it comes to successfully selling property on the market, sales and time management capabilities are required. Read our blog post to discover what you should and should not do as an estate agent.

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What are clients looking for in a real estate agent?

When homeowners are choosing an estate agent, they’re looking for someone who has a comprehensive understanding of the industry.

Estate agents need to have a widespread understanding of the areas they operate in, including detailed information about the neighbourhood’s amenities. Likewise, when people are buying property, they want to work with an estate agent who can answer all of their questions.

A good reputation is vital for professionals in the real estate market. Reliability is a key quality for estate agents to have as their clients want to know that they are dealing with someone who is honest.

A comprehensive understanding of the needs of clients goes a long way to building trust. It’s important for real estate agents to understand that they are representing their brand during all their interactions with their clients.

A professional and friendly attitude helps to put clients at ease.

Mistakes to avoid as an estate agent

Working as an estate agent can be stressful as you’ll be working with multiple properties and clients at once.

You’ll also have to deal with a wide range of tasks, including overseeing open houses and answering phone calls.

While there’s a lot to get done, it’s important not to neglect any of your clients. Selling property is about building strong relationships so outstanding client service is vital for success.

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Timely response

Make sure that you reply to emails promptly and that you return phone calls as soon as you can. If you’re unresponsive to your clients, they can lose trust in your ability to sell their house.

They may start to question your abilities if you take days to get back to them which could result in the loss of their business.

Any problems that they have should be solved quickly to help you develop a good reputation in the industry.

Clear communication

While using some property jargon may be necessary, make sure that you communicate with your clients in a way that they can understand.

If everything you say leaves them feeling confused, they’re likely to use another real estate agent’s services.

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Have empathy

When somebody puts their property on the market, it can be a stressful and anxious experience.

If you’re working as an estate agent, you’ll be selling so many properties that it’s easy to forget how difficult the experience can be for your clients.

Some clients may be moving because of challenging events, such as a death or divorce. Having empathy is key to making your clients feel comfortable.


Avoid being late for meeting with your client as this portrays an unprofessional image. Good time management is important to your success in this industry.

Now that you know more about how to be a successful estate agent, you can list your properties on GotProperty.

What you should and should not do as a real estate agent
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What you should and should not do as a real estate agent
The real estate industry provides you with a great opportunity to make money and a lot goes into succeeding. Read our estate agent dos and don'ts.
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