How paint colours affect your home’s interior

The colour you paint the interior of your home can influence your emotions and your wellbeing. While you’ll need to consider the aesthetic appeal of the various paint colours, you may also want to consider the colour’s potential impact on your mood.

The effect of your colour scheme may cause you to opt for a different interior design in your bedroom versus what you would use for your kitchen.

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How colour affects your mood

The colour and shades you choose influence your mood. You can use paint colours to create a relaxing space that promotes the wellbeing of your family. Different people perceive colours differently because of their personal preferences as well as their individual experiences.

That being said, there are general guidelines you can follow when you’re choosing a colour scheme for your home. You can also assess how the colour makes you feel before you use it as part of your home’s interior design. Both the saturation of the colour and its brightness influence the effect that it has on your mood. You can use colour to make you feel relaxed or energised depending on the function of the room you’re painting.

How to choose paint colours

Assess the home décor that’s already in the room for any colours that attract your attention. You can use your paint choice to emphasise a colour from a beautiful rug or art piece that you already own. Patterned cushions and upholstery can also offer you inspiration.

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If you look at the colour wheel, using hues that are placed next to each other usually has a calming effect. Using a combination of blue and green can help to create a relaxing and casual ambience in your room. These colours are ideal for bedrooms where you want to create a comfortable space that facilitates a peaceful night’s sleep.

Are you struggling with inspiration? You can look at your wardrobe to find out which colours you wear the most and use them as guidelines and inspiration for which paint colours to use. To emphasise other colours, you can add a touch of black to your interior design.

While there’s plenty of advice out there, it’s important that the paint colours you choose reflect your personal style. You’ll be living with the end result of your home décor, so it’s important to create a space that you love living in. Working with a style that works for you also makes it easier to create a unique and attractive look in your home.

Painting strategies

An easy strategy to use when you’re choosing paint colours is to use darker shades for the floor, medium hues for the walls and a light colour for the ceiling. Another option is to start with the formal areas of your home and then to use variations of the colours you use in those areas to decorate the rest of the interior space.

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When you’re decorating a room, you can select a dominant colour for the walls and then choose a secondary colour for your upholstery. Complete the look by picking accessories in an accent colour. The result is a harmonious room that’s also interesting.

Another strategy to create a relaxing yet interesting space is to contrast warm hues with cool shades. Matching grey with a warmer shade creates a calm ambience without being boring. Black and white is a classic combination you can rely on. Another colour scheme that works well is selecting a single colour and pairing it with white for a monochromatic effect.

Now that you know more about home décor, you can start using paint colours to create a relaxing and stylish interior design in your home. If you are still looking for a house to paint just the way you like it, visit GotProperty to find your dream home today.

How paint colours affect your home's interior
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How paint colours affect your home's interior
Apart from paint colours adding an aesthetic appeal to your home, they also have an impact on your mood and well-being. Learn more!
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