6 easy hacks to make your living room look bigger

Do you want to make your living room look bigger? Create a feeling of spaciousness in your home with our handy tips. From adding a big mirror to creating smart storage spaces, there are plenty of options you can use to enhance your space without spending a fortune on renovations. Find a great home you can decorate to fit your vision on GotProperty.

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1. Smart storage space

A cluttered living room is sure to look smaller than it really is. Getting creative with your storage can help keep your room neat and tidy. You can buy coffee tables and hollow benches that provide you with hidden storage space.

Another great option is to add a few storage baskets to your room. You can also consider installing built-in furniture and shelves.

Customised furniture ensures that you get the perfect fit for your room. You can hire a carpenter to build hidden storage spaces that meet your requirements. If you’re good with DIY projects, you can even try building it yourself. Once you have enough storage, you can do a big cleanup to declutter your living area.

2. Add a large mirror

Save money on renovation expenses by adding a large mirror to your living room. You can almost double the apparent size of your space with this simple addition. Position your mirror opposite a window for the best effect. This location enables the mirror to reflect natural light across the room, creating a feeling of spaciousness.

Select a mirror with a striking frame to take your home decor up a notch. As a rule, it’s best to let as much natural light as possible into the room. This reduces shadows that can have the effect of making the room feel smaller.

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3. Paint the walls in light tones

Paint the walls white or another light tone to create a feeling of expansion. Lighter colours also help to create a relaxing ambience. If you paint the walls and the ceilings white, it adds a sense of height to the room.

It’s also advisable to paint the trim the same colour as the walls. Likewise, furniture with a lighter colour and glass coffee tables are the best choice for smaller spaces.

4. Focus on functionality

Prioritise functional furniture and remove any pieces that are not essential. The practicality of your living space should be a priority when you’re choosing decor. Stick to the rule that simple is better when you’re choosing your decor. Avoid busy textures and patterns and don’t add too much artwork.

5. Select the right rug

A rug that’s too small for the space can make your living room look disorganised. A good way to judge the right size is to pick a rug that can accommodate all the legs of your big furniture pieces.

6. Select appropriate furniture

You may want to consider buying armless furniture or pieces with sleek arms. Couches that don’t have arms will save you a significant amount of space. Likewise, choosing compact pieces of furniture has many benefits.

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Leaving space between the piece of furniture and the wall can contribute to a sense of spaciousness in your living room. Furniture that is positioned lower to the ground is another good option for smaller places. Position pieces of furniture that you use often so that they have a view of the outdoors.

With the right knowledge, creating a comfortable living area is easy even if you’re short on space. If your family’s grown too big for your current home, find a bigger house for sale on GotProperty.

6 easy hacks to make your living room look bigger
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6 easy hacks to make your living room look bigger
Do you want to make your living room look bigger? Create a feeling of spaciousness in your home with our handy tips.
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