How to declutter your home to welcome spring

Are you trying to declutter your home? Get ready for spring by cleaning and organising your living space. Whether you’re moving to a new house or just trying to create more space, tidying up can be an overwhelming project. Tackling one room at a time is an excellent strategy that will boost your efficiency. Tired of your old place and looking for a new one? Find property for sale on GotProperty today.

Sort through your possessions

Sort through your possessions | GotProperty
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Declutter your home by sorting through your possessions so that you can rid of items you don’t need. Having separate baskets for each category will make this process easier. A recycling bin is the perfect place for any glasses, paper, and plastic you no longer have a use for. You’ll be tidying up while doing your bit for the environment.

Broken items that can’t be donated or recycled should go straight into the trash.

Put items that require fixing or cleaning into a separate basket so that you can remember to give them the attention they need. As you go through your possessions, take out any items you don’t use anymore then donate them to charities.

Stay motivated

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Cleaning up an entire house can be an overwhelming process. Stay motivated by remembering why you decided to declutter your home. You’ll enjoy more space in your home and you’ll have easier access to the items that you use often. Donating unused items also gives your project purpose as you’ll be giving back to your community. Start with a small section of your home to build your confidence and celebrate your progress along the way. Taking a moment to acknowledge what you’ve already achieved can offer you the inspiration that you need to finish.

Do the hanger test

Struggling to declutter your cupboard? This is the perfect time to do the hanger test. Turn all your hangers to face the wrong way to start off with. When you wear an item and put it back on the hanger, place it the right way around. Once a few weeks have gone by, it will be easy to see which clothes you don’t get much use out of. If you’re still struggling to let go of specific items, donate it to a worthy cause.

Clean room by room

Rather than tackling your whole house at once, focus on one room at a time.

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  • Bathroom – Clean out the medicine cabinet and place the items you use regularly at eye level. Sort through your bathroom cabinet drawers and organise the frequently used items in the top drawer. Don’t forget to clean out the cupboard underneath the bathroom sink.
  • Bedroom – Remove anything you don’t need from your bedside table and pack it away. Clean the tops of your dresser, chests, and cupboards. Pack away any clothing that has been left lying around. Sorting through the clothes in your cupboard is a big task, so do that while you’re tidying your bedroom.
  • Kitchen – Start by clearing the countertops. Only the items you use daily should be left on the counter. Empty the storage areas, get rid of unnecessary items, and organise everything you still need into neat categories.
  • Living room – Help keep your living room tidy by installing additional storage space. Decide on permanent storage areas for items that are used frequently, such as books and the TV control. Make sure that your electronics are in the right place and pack away any devices that aren’t used regularly. Clear the coffee table, side tables, and entertainment center.

Declutter your home this spring and add a sense of spaciousness to your living areas.  Are you looking for a bigger home? Find a wide range of houses for sale on GotProperty.

How to declutter your home to welcome spring | GotProperty
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How to declutter your home to welcome spring | GotProperty
Are you trying to declutter your home? Get ready for spring by cleaning and organising your living space. Try doing it one room at a time.
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