Green Door Home Loans specialises in mortgage bond origination

Why use a Bond Originator?

  • Our service is totally free, to all clients applying for a home loan.
  • We prepare the home loan application.
  • We apply on behalf of the clients, to multiple banks, including their own.
  • We negotiate with the banks to get the best interest rate, which could mean a saving of hundreds of thousands over the full term of a home loan.
  • We give the clients a range of options to choose from.
  • The clients get to go with the interest rate that best suits their budget.

Most Bond Originators, like Green Door Home Loans, assign a Property Finance Specialist to guide you through the application process, from initial submission of the application, as well as negotiating the rates and terms with the banks, up until the property has been registered on your name.

A bond originator’s main role is to assess each home loan application with the utmost knowledge and care to ensure the best outcome possible for each client from all major banks, including their own.

To get the best results, your Green Door Property Finance Specialist works through your application to ensure it appeals to each bank individually, as each bank has varying requirements and offer different Home Loan Packages based on the client’s profile. Your Green Door Property Finance Specialist utilizes their knowledge of each unique Home Loan Package available, to ensure you are matched with the most suitable option attainable.

Basically, your Home Loan Application gets reviewed and adapted by skilled experts before being submitted to the banks, to get you the best deal, at no cost to you.

However, this is not where Green Door Home Loans’ service ends…

After receiving preliminary offers and feedback from the banks, your Green Door Property Finance Specialist negotiates with the banks on your behalf to get the best possible rates and offer based on mutually agreed upon terms.

So hear us out, if you or your client go directly to the banks, you will be missing out on the possibility of a better rate and offer. At Green Door Home Loans, we have over 16 years of experience, up to date knowledge on what Home Loan Packages the banks offer, as well as personable relationships with representatives from each bank.

As an additional service Green Door Home Loans offers anyone a free pre-qualification to give you a guideline of what amount the banks would possibly grant you. This gives you an idea of what price range you can search in. Our Property Finance Specialists can also assist you with guidance on how to better your profile to qualify for a higher amount, if possible.

Visit our website to do your free online pre-qualification or to get in touch with one of our Property Finance Specialists.