Fire prevention advice to keep your home safe

Understanding fire prevention is important for the safety of any household. Not only are fires dangerous, but they can also destroy your home and your most valuable possessions.

Planning and common sense are instrumental in reducing the risk of fires on your property. Read our blog post to learn more about fire prevention. You can find great, safe homes at GotProperty.

Main causes of fires in homes

Understanding the main causes of fires is an important part of fire prevention. The electrical appliances you’ll find in most modern kitchens increase the chances of a fire occurring in your home. Heating elements and cooking accidents are other leading causes of fires. The poor installation of gas appliances is also very dangerous, which means it’s important to use the services of qualified professionals for any installation and maintenance work.

Electrical installation for fire prevention | GotProperty
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Thatched roofs also make it necessary to take additional precautions. The risk of fire is influenced by the thatch quality and the structure’s stability. Other major causes of fires include candles, fires, heaters that have been left unattended, and overloaded plug sockets. Incorrect electricity wiring also puts your home at a higher risk for fires.

Fire prevention in your home

Set up a warning system in your home by installing smoke detectors. These devices are affordable and convenient to install. Position them in the kitchen as well as in bedrooms. You can also place smoke detectors in any rooms that have computer equipment inside them. As an additional precaution, connect your smoke detector to your alarm company. While installing smoke detectors is advantageous, you will need to maintain them properly in order to ensure their efficacy. 

It’s also important to put a plan in place so that everyone in your family knows what they should do if a smoke detector goes off. Plan a few escape routes to ensure that your family can get out of the house safely.

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The increased risk of fire that accompanies thatched roofs can be mitigated by treating the thatch with fire retardants. A sprinkler system and fire extinguishers are other preventative measures that can be used for thatched roofs. It’s advisable to purchase a small fire extinguisher to keep in your home. Make sure that you know how to use the fire extinguisher properly and it’s advisable to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Make sure you read and understand the manufacturer’s guidelines and warnings when you’re operating electrical appliances. Also, ensure that you don’t cover heaters and or leave them unattended.

Ensure that your electrical appliances are kept in good condition and check that there is no damage to any of the electrical cables. Don’t leave candles, fires or braais unattended. If you smoke, make sure you put your cigarettes out properly.

What to do when a fire breaks out

Make sure that you know what numbers to call if a fire breaks out on your property. Evacuate the property immediately and don’t attempt to pack any of your belongings first. If there’s an oil fire in your kitchen, don’t try and extinguish it with water. Don’t go into the room where the fire is and avoid opening the door if you suspect that there’s a fire inside the room.

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In instances where there’s a lot of smoke, you’ll need to keep as close to the floor as possible when you’re leaving the room. Place a damp cloth over your nose and mouth for additional protection from the danger of smoke inhalation.

Now that you know more about fire prevention and safety, you can help keep your family safe. Understanding the main causes of fires helps you to put preventative measures in place that will reduce the chances of a fire breaking out on your property.

It’s also essential to educate your family on what steps to take if there is a fire in your home. Don’t have a house of your own yet? No problem. You can visit GotProperty to find houses for sale right now.

Fire prevention advice to keep your home safe | GotProperty
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Fire prevention advice to keep your home safe | GotProperty
Understanding fire prevention is important for the safety of any household. Read our blog post to learn how to prevent accidental fires.
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