Create an elegant home on a budget with these 9 simple steps

Creating an elegant home can be tough if you’re working with a tight budget. But! It’s possible to get the home decor you’ve always dreamed of without spending a fortune. From applying a fresh coat of paint to upgrading your furniture, there are simple strategies you can use to transform your living space. Looking for a new house? Find a wide range of properties for sale on Got Property.

1. Apply a fresh coat of paint

Apply a fresh coat of paint to your elegant home | GotProperty
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A fresh coat of paint can transform a shabby room into an upmarket living space. Choosing the right colour paint is the trick to adding glamour to your home. You can opt for bold colours to make a statement or softer shades for a more subtle effect. Remember, the colour you select will influence the rest of your decor so choose wisely.

2. Add pillows

Pillows give your home a sense of luxury while contributing to the comfort of your guests. Choose big and soft pillows to create the right effect. Place the pillows throughout your home, including on couches, seating areas and beds.

3. Focus on lighting

Designer light fixtures are an important part of any elegant home. Replace the standard fixtures in your house with stylish designs. While the price tag on upmarket light fixtures may leave you perplexed, you can find quality second-hand fixtures that are more affordable. These fixtures will give your home a unique look that sets your decor apart from the crowd. Table and floor lamps can add interest to your decor while the lighting creates a cosy ambience.

4. Create a sense of spaciousness

Add a sense of spaciousness to each room by painting the ceilings in a light, neutral colour. Hang the curtains high so they go from the floor to the ceiling and buy a longer rod so that the curtains extend past the curtain frame. Curtains serve a functional purpose by blocking out light and giving you privacy while adding sophistication to the room.

5. Use plenty of frames

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Photos and art add a personal touch to your home. Use frames to turn your most treasured memories into an elegant display. Buying matching frames in bulk is an affordable option.

6. Throw in a few rugs

Large rugs make a great addition to your living space. Ditch any small rugs and replace them with bigger variations. Take the time to shop around and find rugs that match your budget.

7. Buy matching storage

You can spend hours setting up your elegant home decor, but it won’t have the desired effect if your rooms are cluttered. Get rid of any excess items and pack them away in storage containers. While storage containers are a practical purchase, that doesn’t mean they have to look ugly. Choose aesthetically appealing containers that match to create a cohesive style in your room.

8. Refresh the hardware

While the hardware is easy to overlook when you’re upgrading your home, it’s a simple way to enhance the style of just about any room. Replace old handles and light switches with new variations. It’s also worth replacing any outdated drawer knobs.

9. Focus on furniture

Classic furniture pieces are a must-have for any elegant home. You don’t have to break the bank when buying furniture as there are plenty of quality second-hand pieces available. You can also upgrade your furniture by having it reupholstered.

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Now that you know how to create the elegant home you’ve always wanted, you can start shopping for affordable decor. Need an upgrade? Find upmarket houses for sale on GotProperty today.

Create an elegant home on a budget with these 9 simple steps
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Create an elegant home on a budget with these 9 simple steps
Creating an elegant home can be tough if you’re working with a tight budget. But with the right approach and attitude, it can be done.
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