Consider these important house repairs before selling

Are you selling your property? Repair your house and give its value a boost. Assessing your property through the perspective of potential buyers can reveal problems that need to be fixed. While house repairs take time and money, your investment will pay off when you secure the right buyer.

You can get great value for money when you give the walls a fresh coat of paint and fix any issues in the kitchen. List your house on GotProperty and connect to buyers across South Africa.

Paint the walls

Paint your house walls | GotProperty
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Paint the walls a neutral colour to appeal to a broader spectrum of buyers. Lighter colours can add a sense of spaciousness to the rooms in your home. Dirty or chipped paint detracts from the value of your house and puts off potential buyers, so you’ll benefit from freshening up the walls. Wallpaper makes selling your home more challenging so it’s advisable to remove it and paint the wall in a neutral colour instead.

Replace grout

When it comes to house repairs, regrouting has a big impact for a small investment. Yellow or cracked grout is an eyesore in your bathroom, so you’ll need to replace it before you put your property on the market. You can cut costs even further by doing the regrouting yourself.

Revive your outdoor area

Struggling to get your asking price? When you repair your house, don’t forget about the outdoor area. Brown grass and weeds create a bad first impression on potential buyers who arrive at your property. Likewise, you should fix paving or pathways that detract from the aesthetics of your home. Repair any damage to the exterior fences or walls and remove garden rubble.


The kitchen can make or break the sale of your house. If you are wondering where to spend the most money, upgrading your kitchen is definitely worth it. Buyers want a spacious kitchen where they can prepare meals and entertain guests. Paint the walls and replace any old fixtures. Consider replacing the countertops with granite to give your kitchen a contemporary feel.

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House repairs that improve the aesthetics of your home are beneficial but don’t forget about making practical upgrades. When you repair your house, make sure that everything works like it’s meant to. Check that the windows open properly and that all the doorknobs are in place. Sliding doors should be aligned on their tracks so that they open smoothly.


Another area of your house that will come under scrutiny from potential buyers is the bathroom. Make sure that the toilet is in good working condition and fix any leaky taps. If your toilet is old, revamp it with a new seat.


Check that the floor is in excellent condition. Replace old carpets or get them steam cleaned before your house goes on show. Replace chipped floor tiles and refinish damaged hardwood. If you decide to upgrade your flooring, opt for neutral options that have a broad appeal. Even small improvements to your flooring can make a huge difference.


A roof that’s in bad condition can lead to water damage, which has a negative impact on the value of your home. Replace damaged tiles or missing shingles. Check that all the ridge caps are secured and make sure that there are no cracks in the sealant. Any repairs to the underlayment should be carried out immediately because damage can cause roof leaks.

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Now that you know how important it is to repair your house, you can fix it up before you put it on the market. With the necessary house repairs out the way, you’ll be ready to attract the right buyer. What are you waiting for? List your home on GotProperty today.

Consider these important house repairs before selling | GotProperty
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Consider these important house repairs before selling | GotProperty
Are you selling your property? Repair your house and give its value a boost. Your investment will pay off when you secure the right buyer.
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