Buy a business that is both profitable and necessary: Ground Water Practitioners

If 2020 is the year you decide to become a business owner, getting into the business of groundwater will be the smartest move you make. South Africa is a water-scarce county, which makes providing services like bulk water supply, waste water treatment, and general borehole services essential. Ground Water Practitioners has recently gone up for sale. Now is your opportunity to become the owner of a business with purpose, longevity, and a stellar reputation.

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An enduring business history and current expansions

Before becoming the industry experts Ground Water Practitioners has turned into, they were originally known as Pump and Pipe, which was established in 1969. Roy Shearer bought Pump and Pipe in 1974 and renamed it Ground Water Practitioners in 1980. In its cumulative years, GWP has amassed a wealth of knowledge regarding various services and takes pride in its commitment to making water an environmentally safe and sustainable reality.

GWP’s core competencies focus on water and span boreholes, dewatering mines, development of strategies to streamline and improve supply while reducing the cost to municipalities and communities. Progressiveness and the drive to offer even more quality services made GWP expand to include the exploration of methane gas for its potential as an alternative energy source.

Ground Water Practitioners’ goal and mission

GWP’s goal is to create innovative solutions for clients and the water industry. Investing in the environment, leadership, and job creation are important to the company because it adds value to society and the country in the long run. Water is such a scarce resource in South Africa and creating awareness around issues that affect ground water means investing in the country’s future. In short, GWP’s mission is sustainability by stimulating, strengthening, and coordinating groundwater usage and protection activities in South Africa and neighbouring countries.

GWP’s core services

General Borehole Services

– Pump selection, supply, installation, repair, and maintenance
– Sectional sealing of polluted water in boreholes
– Down-hole camera inspections
– Inflatable packer injection testing
– Mine dewatering
– Well rehabilitation
– Capacity testing
– Verticality testing of boreholes

Bulk water supply

– Pump selection, supply, installation, repair, and maintenance
– Pipeline design, supply, installation, and repair
– Rural water development projects and reticulation
– Aeration of lakes, dams, and ponds
– Water tanks and stands
– Supply of water treatment chemicals

Waste water treatment

– Pump selection and installation
– Design and installation of effluent reticulation systems
– Pump station design and construction

Coal Bed Methane (VBM)

– Coal bed methane gas extraction
– Coal bed permeability testing
– Notching of casing and cement
– Coal bed fracking
– Complete fitting for methane and water extraction as well as the separation of methane from water
– Purification of brine water
– Grouting of casing
– Dewatering with locally produced product
– Flaring of gas and gas analysis
– Power generation

Water, ground water, GWP
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Additional services

Borehole water yield testing

– GWP tests wells from a maximum depth of 500M with a flow rate of 40M3/hr, and can test shallower wells with max deliveries of 400M3/hr
– All testing is done in accordance with SABS and The Borehole Water Association of South Africa standards

Fishing for lost equipment

– The use of equipment specifically designed to retrieve items dropped inside wells and the like

Development and well simulation

– Well jetting
– Fracturing of old boreholes
– Rehabilitation of old boreholes

Pump design, supply, and installation

– Specialisation in high-volume water supply for irrigation, municipalities, town, mine de-watering, and smaller domestic water schemes

Permeability testing

– Permeability testing, also known as ‘perm testing’, is done to establish a well’s productivity
– Perm testing determines the porosity of the formation and fissures that the well has intersected while being drilled

What gives GWP its edge is that it’s not the kind of business you will find on every second street corner. Ground water is a niche market with an enormous amount of space to grow considering South Africa’s water challenges.

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If you want to find out more about Ground Water Practitioners and how you can benefit from owning this business, get in touch with Roy at 083 777 444 7 today or visit the Ground Water Practitioners’ website for more information.

Buy a business that is both profitable and necessary: Ground Water Practitioners
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Buy a business that is both profitable and necessary: Ground Water Practitioners
Ground Water Practitioners has gone up for sale. Become the owner of a business with purpose, longevity, and a stellar reputation.
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