9 ways to choose an estate agent in 2020

Trying to choose an estate agent? With so many estate agents out there, making the right decision can be tough! Increase your chances of success by doing your research first and meeting with different estate agents. Create a free listing on GotProperty today and connect to buyers across South Africa.

1. Get recommendations

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Ask friends, colleagues, and family for recommendations. If people you know have had a good experience with an estate agent, you can benefit from using their services too. You’ll be able to get the information that you need from their recommendation to decide if they’re a good match or not.

2. Look for active agents

Look out for the names on the ‘for sale’ signs in your area to get an idea of who is doing business in your area. Use these names to create a list of possible estate agent services that you can use. Agents that are active in your area are more likely to have a list of potential buyers who are interested in your neighbourhood.

3. Do your research

Once you have a list of estate agents, investigate them further by carrying out an online search. Take a closer look at their websites to find out more about the company and the services they offer. Review the comments their customers have made. Look at the type of properties they have listed and check the quality of their advertisements.

4. Meet with them

Set up a meeting to get to know the estate agent before you commit to working with them. Visiting their offices is an opportunity to gain insight into their capabilities and to decide whether you can trust them. Make sure they’re friendly and professional with good communication skills.

5. Check for exposure

Before you choose an estate agent, ask them what exposure your property will get. Social media posts are an excellent opportunity for your property to catch the attention of potential buyers. Listings on property websites are also necessary. The exposure needs to be clear and consistent until a buyer is secured as sporadic exposure is typically ineffective.

6. Ask for their credentials

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Estate agents should have the right industry credentials to ensure that they’re offering you a professional service. Check for proof that the estate agent has a Fidelity Fund Certificate, which is provided by the Estate Agent Affairs Board. This certificate shows their commitment to following the rules that are part of the Estate Agent’s Code of Conduct.

7. Evaluate the terms and conditions

Don’t get into an agreement with an estate agent without reading the terms and conditions first. Read the document thoroughly and ask questions for clarification as necessary. If you’re not comfortable with the agreement, it’s better to use the services of another estate agent.

8. Get your property valued

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of suitable estate agents, ask a few of them to value your property. Do your research online and compare these amounts to the prices of similar properties in your neighbourhood. Rather than opting for the estate agent that gives your property the highest value, look for one that provides you with an honest and accurate price. If an estate agent overvalues your property, it can decrease your chances of securing a buyer.

9. Ask the right questions

Knowing what questions to ask can help you to choose an estate agent. Here are a few questions to get you started:

What is your experience?

It’s advantageous to choose an estate agent with offices nearby that has plenty of experience working in your area.

What are the costs involved for sole-agency and multi-agency?

You’ll need to decide whether you want to commit to sole-agency or multi-agency. Sole agency refers to using the services of one estate agent exclusively while multi-agency involves working with numerous agents. Compare the fees of different estate agents and negotiate before you make a decision.

What is your marketing plan for my property?

Learning more about the estate agent’s strategy to sell your property will help you evaluate their knowledge and skills. It’s also useful to find out if they plan to use a professional photographer to take marketing photos of your home.

Do you have any advice on how to improve my property?

Successful estate agents will be able to offer you useful advice on how to make your home more appealing to buyers. From renovations to smaller adjustments, they should be able to give you guidance on how to give the value of your property a boost.

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Now that you know how to choose an estate agent, you can increase your chances of selling your home. Create a free listing on GotProperty today and get more exposure.

9 ways to choose an estate agent in 2020
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9 ways to choose an estate agent in 2020
Trying to choose an estate agent? With so many out there, making the right decision can be tough! We are here to help you out.
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