9 small bedroom ideas to make it look bigger

Look at our small bedroom ideas and learn how to create a sense of spaciousness in your room. We’ll help you get creative with your home decor and prove that small rooms can look great. The good news is that decorating your bedroom doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Need a bigger home? Find your dream house on GotProperty.

Ideas to make your bedroom bigger | GotPropety
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1. Choose lighter colours

At the heart of our small bedroom ideas is using white walls to create a sense of expansion. Giving the walls a fresh coat of white paint is a practical decision that helps to brighten up the whole room. Are you worried that white walls are too boring? You could also consider using other lighter colours for a similar effect. Using white paint to create textures or patterns on the walls can also add a creative touch to your room. Here are some house painting tips to help you get started.

2. Get creative with your storage

Get creative and free up extra space at the same time. Placing drawers, bins or baskets underneath your bed creates a handy storage space that doesn’t take up additional room. You can also use floor-to-ceiling cupboards to make the most of your vertical space. Built-in cupboards, painted the same colour as your walls, create a sense of expansion while optimising the usage of space.

3. Use mirrors

A handy trick is to use mirrors to create the illusion of spaciousness. Place the mirror in a spot where it reflects the light from a window. This tactic increases the natural light in your room and brightens it up. While making the room appear larger, a stylish mirror also adds a touch of elegance to your home.

4. Optimise your windows

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Make sure that you get the maximum amount of natural light into your room by using roller blinds instead of bulky curtains. While privacy is important, you don’t want to block out any sunshine. Pushing your bed beneath a window helps to free up space rather than causing an obstruction in the middle of the room.

5. Customise furniture

Get furniture made to match the dimensions of your room precisely. This is your opportunity to have pieces of furniture designed that fit perfectly into cramped spaces. Transparent chairs provide seating without making the room feel cluttered.

6. Declutter

Clean out your room and donate any items you don’t use often to charity. Haven’t worn those pair of jeans in years? Get rid of it. It’s time for clothes you don’t wear to find a new home. Rather than gathering dust and taking up space in your cupboard, these clothes can benefit someone who needs them.

It’s advisable to keep furniture and decor to a minimum if you have a small room. Rather than using lots of small ornaments, select larger decor that adds style to your room without creating extra clutter. A few distinctive, decorative pieces make a bold impression.

7.Change the layout

If you’re looking for small bedroom ideas that won’t cost you anything, this suggestion is for you. Simply changing the layout of the room can make a huge difference without spending a cent. Make the most of the open space by positioning bigger items of furniture against the walls. Keep furniture out of pathways for added convenience and space. Make sure that furniture doesn’t obstruct the view into the room.

8. Add lamps

Place a few small lamps in strategic positions around your room. The lighting leads your eyes around the room, which creates a sense of expansion. A simple option is to put lamps on your bedside tables.

9. Use a plain duvet

Plain duvet cover for your bedroom | GotProperty
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A plain duvet and bed sheets are a good option for small rooms since busy patterns can make a room feel cluttered. Lighter colours also contribute to a feeling of spaciousness.

Put our small bedroom ideas into action and see the results for yourself. Need a bigger room? Find a wide range of houses for sale on GotProperty.

9 small bedroom ideas to make it look bigger | GotProperty
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9 small bedroom ideas to make it look bigger | GotProperty
Look at our small bedroom ideas and learn how to create a sense of spaciousness in your room. Make your room look great with these ideas.
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