10 affordable ways to soundproof your room

Is noise pollution making it difficult to relax? Soundproof your room and increase your comfort levels. Noise can disrupt your sleep and make it unpleasant to spend time at home so it’s important to address this problem. If all else fails, you can always move to a quieter neighbourhood. Find a wide range of homes for sale on GotProperty.

1. Rearrange your furniture

Rearranging your decor is a simple way of decreasing the noise levels in your room. Placing large furniture against the walls makes it more difficult for sounds to pass through them. Place a big cupboard or bookshelf against shared walls or the wall that is near the street.

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2. Hang paintings on the wall

Brighten up the room by hanging a large painting on the wall, which will also help to absorb the sound. Another option is to invest in a beautiful tapestry that you can place strategically on the wall. Adding a couch to the room can also contribute to better acoustics.

3. Focus on the doors

Doors are one of the main culprits when it comes to noisy rooms. The gaps around the doors allow sounds to enter the room without any barriers. Place a rug close to the door to fill the gap or place towels against the gap to absorb the sound. You can also use blankets to cover the door for extra insulation.

4. Add thick curtains

Use thick curtains to cover the windows or layer multiple curtains over the windows for improved insulation. Using curtains made from soundproofing material can help to reduce the noise levels in your room.

5. Add carpets

Adding carpets to your room helps to reduce the noise levels because they decrease impact noises such as footsteps. They also absorb sound waves and decrease echo and reverberation. If you want to soundproof your room, it’s advisable to cover the entire floor with a thick carpet. Place affordable acoustic underlay on the floor before adding the carpet to get the best results.

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6. Use acoustic panels

Hang acoustic panels on the walls to absorb noise. For maximum impact, position the panel on the opposite wall of where the sound is coming from. Acoustic panels come in a range of sizes and colours so you can match them to your decor. While these panels can be expensive, there are cost-effective variations available. Try foam panels if you’re looking for a cheap way to soundproof your room.

7. Play background music

Play relaxing music to drown out other irritating noises. If the constant sound of traffic is disturbing you, try putting on some instrumental music. The music will help you relax and take your focus away from other sounds. While this doesn’t solve your problem entirely, it’s a cheap way to deal with temporary noise disturbances.

8. Apply acoustic sealant

The seals around windows and doors allow sound to enter your room. Use the sealant to fill gaps around your door frames and windows. Apply it to the joins around windows as this will improve the levels of insulation in your room. The sealant can be used on any gaps between building materials as well as around electric and lighting fixtures. Acoustic sealant won’t solve your problem on its own, but it should be used as part of a larger strategy to soundproof your room.

9. Use weather stripping

If you’re on a budget, look for self-adhesive weather stripping that you can apply to the room without help from a professional. These strips are manufactured to stop air-leakage, but they also block sound. Apply them to the gap between the door and the frame. Your windows may already have weather stripping but if the material is old, you can decrease the noise levels in your room by replacing it.

10. Use blankets

In a soundproofing emergency, blankets can come in handy to block the sound out. Identify where the sound is coming from and hang blankets on the wall to muffle the sound.

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Now that you know how to soundproof your room, you can enjoy your time off without any disturbances. Need to move? Find your dream home on GotProperty today.

10 affordable ways to soundproof your room
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10 affordable ways to soundproof your room
Is noise pollution making it difficult to sleep or enjoy your time at home? Soundproof your room and increase your comfort levels.
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